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When you inquire about a session, you will fill out a form to ensure I am the right fit for you. Once this is determined, you will receive an email with a link to schedule your appointment based on my availability. 

A Session

While I wish I could help every person immediately who inquires about a session, it’s just not a reality. I ask that you trust the process and that the animals who need me most will be put on my schedule. Please note that I'm typically booked a month and a half in advance. 

All sessions are booked via email after a review process.

What to expect after sending your inquiry:

Click the button below to start the process. 

My Specialties

I specialize in behavioral issues, physical pain, illness, and injury and the connections and lessons our animals bring to us. It is my intention that you understand that a session with your animal does not provide quick fixes or answers, though the answers might help you get to the source of pain/discomfort and behavior. Clients must understand and be open to the connection between animal and human and how closely their mind, bodies, and spirit mirror ours. I intend to provide lasting help to everyone I speak with, and to empower animal lovers to trust their intuition when making decisions for their animals. 

All animals are welcomed, including those who are no longer in their physical bodies. 


Am I

the right fit for you?

I am not the communicator for you if:

  • You are wanting general information about the well-being of your pet. My focus is shifting toward trauma, pain, and deeper connections between animal and human. I am no longer focusing on the day-to-day nuances, though they are important they can be addressed by another communicator of your choosing.

  • You are just wanting answers about your pet. My sessions involve an inner process of both human and animal. We are deeply connected on an energetic level with our pets. 

  • You are not committed to maintaining an open mind to any information that comes forth in the session.

  • You are needing help with a lost animal 

  • You are needing an emergency last minute session

Session Types



1 Animal Only

Phone Call



Typed Report


Phone Call



Typed Report




1-2 Animals

Phone Call


Typed Report




2-3 Animals

Phone Call




1 Animal Only

Deep Dive
Zoom Call


Session focuses on healing both human and pet together through identifying connections and beliefs around your relationship and unlocking energetic holding patterns. Other pets might join in the session to receive the healing as well, but this is not a standard multi-pet session.



1 Animal or Your Animal Collective

Tandem Session
with Shayleigh & Amber 


This session is a tandem offering with Shayleigh and Amber Lydic. Amber is a theta healer, somatic breath work guide, body/emotion intuitive, who helps create a safe space for personal healing with focus on human belief systems and emotions. This session will be led by your animal through Shayleigh, and your higher self through Amber. In this session there will be a blend of animal communication, meditation, connection to higher self, and a deep dive into your partnership with your animal(s). Session is in Zoom.

What's included:

Healing and communication for one animal human duo (though other animals might make themselves known as part of the healing process, the focus will be on one animal/human relationship). 

(3) 60-min first of the month discovery Zoom meetings including ways to communicate to your own animal.

(4) 30-min sessions per month (1 per week).

Weekly self-study practices to connect deeper to yourself and your animal (optional 20-min Zoom call to answer questions at the end of each week - excluding weekends). 

Grounding practices and guided meditations and connection.

New Offering!
Access Pass

Very Limited Availability


Times and dates can be flexible, but the program is required to be completed within 90 days.

Best suited for someone who is here for the journey and not quick answers. Someone who recognizes that our animals and us are mirrors of each other. This is for a person who wants to get to the root cause of illness, injury, behaviors, and emotions through recognizing energetic connections, patterns, and beliefs that you share with your animals, your past experiences, and yourself. This is a deep dive, a responsibility, a commitment to yourself and your animal, and it will help you rediscover yourself and transform your relationship with your animals! 


Love, Love, Love

My Clients

I had an amazing session today. I went into the call hopeful at the same time, a bit skeptical. The connections that were made with my pups were almost unbelievable. I felt peace and closure over the loss of my soul pup for the first time. I can't eben begin to describe the feeling of content I have thanks to Shayleigh.


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