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Session Inquiry

Shayleigh is committed to helping people understand their animals' deepest concerns, priorities, and behaviors. This form is to ensure that Shayleigh is the right communicator for you and that we are all on the same page so you may get the most benefit from our experience together. 

Please understand that Shayleigh is just one person; she tries to help as many people as she can in a timely manner, but getting to everyone immediately is just not realistic. Your patience is appreciated, and what's meant to be will be. Thank you!

It is important to know a few things before spending your time on filling out the form to follow: 



It is my intention that you understand that a session with your animal does not provide quick fixes or answers, though the answers might help you get to the source of pain/discomfort and behavior. My clients must understand and be open to the connection between animal and human and how closely their mind, bodies, and spirit mirror ours. It is my intention to provide lasting help to everyone I speak with, and to empower you to trust your intuition when making decisions for your animals.


I am not the communicator for you if:

  • You are wanting general information about the well-being of your pet. My focus is shifting toward trauma, pain, and deeper connections between animal and human. I am no longer focusing on the day-to-day nuances, though they are important and can be addressed with another communicator of your choosing.

  • You are just wanting answers. My sessions involve an inner process of both human and animal. 

  • You are not committed to maintaining an open mind to any information that comes forth in the session.


Reasons a form may not result in a scheduled session

Please note that I do not offer emergency sessions, last minute sessions, or lost animal sessions.

Inquiries about general happiness and well-being, although important, are not aligned with my current work. I am currently specializing in trauma, pain, behavioral issues, and human/animal relationships on a deeper level. If you 'just want to know how your animal(s) are doing and how you can make them happy' I lovingly ask that you find another communicator. It's not personal, I am just shifting the focus of my work with strong intention. 

There is now a strict number of animals per session.

I feel that the animals need more time to truly get their messages across, and that doesn't happen when we are rushing through an appointment to get to multiple animals in a short amount of time. 

I do not offer a diagnosis, training advice, or methods of ‘fixing’ your animal(s). I am simply the messenger, not a veterinarian or professional trainer (though I may link you to professionals, and other resources that can help).

Please fill out the form below.

Did you read all of the above and do you understand the intention behind my sessions?
What session are you wanting to book?

60-Minute Deep Dive Zoom Call focuses on healing both human and pet together through identifying connections and beliefs around your relationship and unlocking energetic holding patterns. Other pets might join in the session to receive the healing as well, but this is not a standard multi-pet session.

60-Minute Trandem Session is with Shayleigh and Amber Lydic. Amber is a theta healer, somatic breath work guide, body/emotion intuitive, who helps create a safe space for personal healing with focus on human belief systems and emotions. This session will be led by your animal through Shayleigh, and your higher self through Amber. In this session there will be a blend of animal communication, meditation, connection to higher self, and a deep dive into your partnership with your animal(s). Session is in Zoom.

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