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Short Story About Momentum

Short story about momentum.

I know a person who takes a lot of pride in the aesthetics of the property they live on.

Lots of energy into growing grass, lots of energy into preserving said grass.

When it rains, the horses come in. Lots of energy going into not tearing up the fields. Lots of energy going into resting the grass.

Over the years, this momentum continued to build. New pastures being made, new seed being planted. Same energy of (not enough) grass.

This same person has called into her life (somewhat unknowingly) several horses now who cannot be on grass for extended periods of time without muzzles or management.

The way horses feel when they have a metabolic dis-ease in their body is “not enough” not enough grass (always feeling hungry and wanting more), not enough blood flow….not enough balance in lifestyle.

So, where is your vibrational momentum headed?

Some words of affirmation for horses with insulin resistance and metabolic dis-ease:

❤️ You are enough

❤️ You are safe

❤️ Every day your body becomes healthier

❤️ The food you eat nourishes you and provides you with vital nutrients

❤️ Your circulatory system is strong


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