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Rising Above the Rubbish

I thought you were just a pretty face.

I don’t believe in you.

You’re feeding people estrogen filled bullshit.

Every belittling comment I’ve received since I started being true to myself has led me to becoming more authentic and more self-assured.

People criticize that which they do not understand. We are in a world filled with ego and judgement. Open mindedness is a bold move. Jealousy is common. Hypocritical thinking a norm. Why do we care what others think? Because society has trained us to remove ourselves from our own personal power. We forget our true, unaffected, selves the older we grow. We want to fit in, look good, be funny, be smart, and you know what… it will never be good enough for everyone.

Don’t go outside without a bra. Don’t take your dog off the leash. Bits are bad. Cat people are crazy. Sit up, make eye contact. Well what the fuck is it! Can I eat carbs or not? When people allow conditions to control their experiences, whatever isn’t suiting them at the time will cause discomfort which leads to criticism.

Humans sometimes convince animals to rely on conditions that animals themselves would not create on their own. Sometimes what we believe is best for our animals might not be so, yet they accept what is and find the path of least resistance. They don’t criticize you. Why? Because animals practice unconditional happiness. Animals live in the present moment, they don’t spend time thinking about how others should be acting. Conditions are inevitable, but it’s how you allow them to affect you that makes a difference.

If someone could describe you in one word, what would it be?

I hope your answer was, “I don’t care.” I’m learning to say this a little more each day, and it’s liberating.

People will uplift you and they will tear you down, they will challenge you to look within yourself and find your true power. Surround yourself with others who find happiness within themselves, like animals, and ditch the ones who aren’t as awesome.

I can talk to animals, and their opinions might be the only opinions that are worth listening to!


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