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Grief, What Can I Say About It

A few years ago I was afraid to tell people what I did when they asked what my line of work was. I told them that I worked for Marriott, which was a job I had quit quite some time ago. I wasn’t secure in my identity as an animal communicator, though in the safety of my bubble I knew how valuable the work was. It was just easier to avoid the subject.

I find myself quite comfortable in my animal communication role now. Knowing the value of my work. Knowing the impact it has on myself and others. Humbled by the knowledge of animals that I get to be a part of every single day.

I find myself now in another expansive place, though hesitant to take the leap. I believe there are many amazing healing avenues for people and their animals. Some mainstream, some not. Those who have learned from others who have learned from others… and those like me, who learn from others and then learn directly from the animal. No certificates. Just intuitive guidance and feel. Neither correct nor wrong.

I became fluent in animal communication through intention and dedication. I developed an understanding of healing through reading, studying, and creating images in my mind. Animals taught me the power of visualization and intention, and how if you can ‘see it’ you can ‘feel it.’

So, my inspiration for this post is a horse I talked to recently, a gelding. He has been struggling with bleeding ulcers for a year now. Many physical things being sorted for him, a loving and caring owner who really has put him first in the best way she can and yet the ulcers persist. So I connected with him and traveled back to the root of the ulcers which he said was “grief.”

Because this session was a typed report session, I was able to be on his time only, and I decided to offer him ‘healing,’ so that I might find where the grief was originating…not something I always have time to do in a call session. So I invited him into a safe space, and began analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of his energy and as I moved along, I found the grief. Dark, black.. attached to his lumbar area but with my symbol for ovaries/reproductive system. Mind you this is a gelding, so this had to be an external manifestation.

When I messaged his owner about what I found, she told me that she’s been in the hospital with a ruptured ovary, and that there’s been a lot of grief in her life lately.

What would we call this? A horse taking on a humans unwell energy emotion?

Empathy. Animals are masters at it.

I reminded him that he is not responsible for this energy, and we called back his own. This is ‘healing.’ I brought light to what was happening with him to his person who is making some inner changes to best support herself and him, this is ‘healing.’ I also would like to tell you that taking care of yourself and your energy first will *always* help your animals.

I wanted to share this because this is a reminder that our emotions manifest in our bodies and our animals are masters at feeling empathy. Did I heal him in a sense that others perceive healing should be? Who knows… but what I did do was hear him, and hold space for him, and bring his person into a space where she could too, and that to me is a damn good start.

Learning to trust that I can do more than just converse with animals, that I can move and ’clear’ energy that isn’t an animals… this is new and vulnerable territory. This is also something I’d like to offer in the future, maybe… we’ll see.


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