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For Those Lost in the Fire

There’s something so beautiful yet tragic about a fire. It draws you in, mystifies you, captivates you in its flames and somehow accesses your deepest kept emotions. Fires can cleanse, fires can destroy, they get rid of that which no longer serves you. They bring people together, they tear people apart, leaving nothing behind but ash and the glowing embers of what once was. There’s power in fire, there’s strength, passion, anger, love, pain…life force.

Fire unifies us by utilizing the very air we all need to exist. Fire leaves nothing behind, reminding us that the past in its material form is fragile and temporary. The damage that follows the flames paves a dusty pathway for growth and rejuvenation.

Fire is unyielding and unbiased, taking with it anything that stands in its way. Yet… it brings people together, it creates new relationships by tearing down the past to build a future.

Fire, that sensation you feel in your stomach when you find out someone you love is gone. Fire, that feeling you get when you’re following your passion. Fire, an element, an energy, the light within us all.

Recently fire claimed several horses who were loved, innocent, and well-meaning. They helped me shape this message into positive words most will understand. This is a message from those souls. The souls who harbored the flame and transformed it into beautiful non-physical energy. The souls who remind their people of their deliberate path. Those souls, who are missed so much. The message is this:

“When the flame goes out and the coals grow cold, how will your story be told?” – Those who are never truly lost


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