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Elements of Connection Clinic – Aptos California June 2023

A collaboration of powerful women.

Elements of Connection was a remembering. 

Remembering the women who came before us.

Remembering the animals who walk among us in the shadows.

Remembering the power that lies within us all.

Remembering the balance of giving and receiving.

Remembering who we were when we decided to start this life experience.

It was a full circle moment.

Getting to do my very first clinic with Celeste Lazaris as a guide alongside her was truly magical. Celeste was the first person I taught communication to, the first person I communicated with horses alongside at a clinic, my armor when I needed to leave an abusive mentorship, my golden brick road to Amber, and someone who believed in me the moment she met me. Stepping into my power along side her this weekend will live in my heart forever. 

I can’t describe how amazing it is to step into a group of powerful women, who take you as you are, who believe your truth without question, and who intertwine your magic with theirs openheartedly. Getting to deliver messages for the horses alongside Tara Davis and Katherine Lowry was so amazing. Just seeing the softening after the acknowledgement and witnessing these horses and humans being seen in so many ways was beautiful. 

Co-creating with Amber Lydic was everything you guys would have expected… fun as hell, awkward endings, lots of firsts (like wearing a mic aka hamster on my shirt). My twinsta’ thanks for laughing your way through life with me. 

I’ll post more about the clinic and the messages from the horse collective, but for now so much gratitude for the space held by amazing women, thanks for helping me remember who I am. I love you all.

And gratitude for the horses, who knew what I needed, and validated every message by staring directly at me after it was delivered. I’ve never felt so validated in my life.


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