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Dottie the Cow

Dottie, 13yr old Black Angus-X

Honestly, sometimes I have those sessions where I wish I could just send exactly what I’m seeing and feeling to those listening, because it’s so real, and so detailed, it almost feels like a dream. I’ve never met a cow with so much emotion, enthusiasm, and love for a person, and I just had to share their story.

It was a Wednesday afternoon, my last session of the day. I knew Dottie had just left Emma a few days before our session. She had been Emma’s pride and joy for thirteen years. She wasn’t just a cow, she was a companion, a best friend, and a small-town celebrity.

I closed my eyes, as I do for every session, and her picture came to life.

She was a fresh little baby, she looked up at Emma with these beautiful doe eyes, and she was sucking on Emma’s fingers as Emma was laughing. This sense of love and safety overwhelmed me and I couldn’t help but want to smile and cry at the same time. Dottie’s perception of her first memory…the start of a beautiful friendship.

I had my own stall, you know, and sometimes my name was written on the door!

She showed me a white laminated card, with her name written in black dry-erase marker. She was so excited to show it to me! Emma told me that she was able to come and go as she pleased at home, and that her name was written on the stall doors when Dottie had to spend time in the hospital. Dottie didn’t focus on the reasons she was in the hospital, she cared more about how special she felt with a space marked just for her.

We have to talk about my halter! I wasn’t just your average cow, I had a leather halter with my name on it. I love that she never put me in a plain rope halter, I was way too fancy for that! You should ask her… about the rope, and when I broke the halter.

Turns out Dottie broke the crown piece of her halter one time, and Emma had to replace it with a piece of rope. It was a memory of hers, something that people might not even think a cow would notice or remember, but she did, and she knew her person needed to hear it.

Please let her know I’m with the tan dog. A family dog who was happily there to greet her.

I kept getting sick, she could have taken me to a vet close by, but instead we traveled really far. She always did her research, she was so diligent about my care. She found the best vet and we drove hours to get there. While I was there, the team caring for me walked into the yard and picked handfuls of fresh grass, and brought them back for me to eat!!! It was amazing!!! Please let her know how much I valued that.

Dottie felt such a sense of appreciation and joy with that little act of kindness, I wish I could just pass the emotion on to the people who cared for her. It was kind of like that feeling you feel when you’re sad, and lonely, and someone you care about comes over and gives you a giant hug…and that description comes sort of close to what Dottie made me feel.

Talk to her about the man who trimmed my feet, just once. He was patient, I really appreciated him.

Three weeks prior, Emma told me, someone came to trim Dottie’s feet. Dottie was such an appreciative girl. Anyone who ever doubts the love and appreciation of a cow should learn from her. She could have overlooked that experience, yet she brought it up, and talked about the positive parts of the memory.

Talk to her about the little (pink/red) bucket that I travel with, she’s skeptical, so this will help her realize it’s me.

Dottie’s little travel feed pan was red. She knew Emma needed lots of validation that I was talking to her.

I have a little friend with an unconventional name, I’m kind of worried about him, I think he should go in with the paint mini.

Three, a little brown sheep!

There’s a painting of me in her room.

Also, I’m a celebrity… I was in a celebration. Not a wedding, not a birthday, not an anniversary… there’s a little song. Kind of like a commercial. Tell her I am looking very shiny, and fancy. There are people using towels to get my legs cleaned. A team of people. It’s like two minutes long… I’m not really sure how else to explain it to you, because you don’t have a symbol for what I’m trying to show you.

Emma told me she was in a commercial for a college as part of their Agricultural program. Dottie thought it was super cool, and it was! She still has the video, and that’s how Dottie wanted to be remembered.

I was a member of the family, please ask Emma to tell her sister that I love her.

Please tell the boy that was on speakerphone the day I left, that I heard him say goodbye to me, and I’m so grateful Emma cared so much, and made my leaving so peaceful and complete.

Dottie was one of the most compassionate animals I’ve ever talked to. It might have been the love for the people who cared for her, it might have been just who she was, all I know is, I’ve always loved cows but I will never look at them the same again, and you shouldn’t either. I’m so glad I got to share a portion of her session with you!


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