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Calling Our Power Back in Springtime

Bugs are constant reminders to be in the present moment, and to call our power back.

Yes, those annoying little buzzing, biting, bastards actually carry some annoyingly important lessons.

Winter time is a time of rest and reset, a break from bugs, a break from constant reminders to be present, be in our bodies, be aware.

Springtime brings constant buzzing awareness and is a time for growth and renewal.

Recently my horses and I have been calling our power back from the bugs. Kip and I actually have such a hatred and ungrounding around bugs that we’ve named bugs “Orval” and have deemed him the ruiner of good times.

When I see a fly on my horses I literally get into a crazy frenzy to smack off off of them. My horses appreciate the relief but I’ve noticed their dramatic responses when flies land on them – in fact, the last time I got bucked off was due to a fly.

What I also noticed is that more often than not, the overly dramatic response is only in my presence (of course it is). When they’re on their own they might buck if it’s a big fly, but for the most part they swat it off, and go on with their day.

What my horses are teaching me now, is that though they appreciate alleviation from the bugs, it can be done without heightened emotion, and from a place of ease. The more I practice this the more we don’t realize bugs are around us when we are riding together, the less he tosses his head, the less he kicks out, and the less I feel responsible and powerless.

Calling your power back from the bugs helps your horses call their power back too, and what we think about and give our energy to is what we attract. So one might say – less power to the bugs means less bugs who are attracted to being around us and ironically… less experiences that “bug” us.


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