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Blue Collar New Dog

I haven’t been to the humane society since I got my once stray dog, DOG, spayed over four years ago. “Down the hall, third door on your right” the receptionist told me as I walked in to inquire about adopting. I’d filled out the paperwork the night prior and came to look specifically at one. Animals seem to show up in my life one way or another and I generally don’t have to go and pick them out. For some reason I’ve been drawn to the Williamson County Humane Society.

As I pushed the orange door open, the barking deafened and panicked me at the same time as I glanced at over 20 full cages. The fronts were chain link with erasable charts clipped to each door. The tan cinderblock walls that divided the dogs were unexpectedly clean, and each kennel had two entrances. I walked down the aisle to look at each individual dog, and as I got to the one I came for she walked away. Weird, but understandable, so I kept browsing until I decided that none were a fit, this was too stressful, and a wasted two-hour drive! I walked out of the doors feeling overwhelmed and surprisingly disappointed, when a volunteer named Victoria stopped me and encouraged me to try both of my potential interests.

Before coming to the shelter, I meditated and asked for the perfect dog to come my way. I set the intention that DOG would know how to show me which one would be best so I brought her along. I also set the intention, the perfect dog will be wearing a blue collar. None of them were wearing blue collars, but what the heck, we made the trip…might as well try.

The first dog we tried was a gorgeous black and white pit bull mix named Aza. I really liked her personality and her size, but DOG didn’t even sniff her… I had a feeling the dog I had originally come to see, Maisy, was the right fit but something told me to try Aza first (probably so DOG could give me a clear “no”).

Next comes this wild, springy, tan dog, who spotted us from a mile away and as a result drug Victoria as hard as she could to the entrance of the play pen. DOG and I immediately looked at each other like, Oh shit. This might not be ideal.

The first thing Maisy did was jump directly on top of DOG, resulting in a snapping shark attack to Maisy’s throat. Correction accepted. I bent down to grab Maisy’s collar (which was yellow, not blue) and pulled her into a sit. As I was releasing her I told her, all you need to do is play bow and she will understand your intentions! Immediately after, she flew to the ground in a downward dog, and they were off! Tearing around the play yard, leashes in tow, biting each other, snorting, and loving every minute of it! Needless to say, I got a clear sign she was the one… but no blue collar. Oh well, at least DOG liked her.

Victoria brought Maisy back to the kennels to get her records to send her home with. I looked up from the paperwork I was filling out because I could hear Maisy half-choking in the hallway due to pulling so hard against the leash, “I found a collar that fit her so she’s going home with a collar, leash, and two blue tennis balls” Victoria told me with a smile.

Yep, you can guess what’s next… she came out with a black leash and a blue collar! Call it what you want, but if you don’t believe in the universal forces of asking, believing, and receiving, put it to the test in your own life and watch what happens!


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