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Animal Communication is Fabulous, But is it Really What You Need Right Now?

Over the years I’ve been growing and evolving, and my clients (you) have been right there with me…cheering me on and also expanding your knowledge as we grow together with our animals. I love it so much!

While I feel that I ‘specialize’ in animals who need help conveying to their humans their complex emotions, pain, and behaviors, the more I meet colleagues around me who specialize in certain things, the more I find myself referring clients to other professionals.

Animal communication has its place, one hundred percent (obviously) I believe there’s so much value in it. I also feel that there is a lot of value in someone who can help you dive deeper into your own belief systems, mind and body. I feel that sometimes a lesson with an intuitive and connected trainer can be just as valuable if not more valuable than an animal communication session for certain scenarios.

Sometimes when we are in the sh*t, we just want someone to give us the answers. I’ve been there with my own animals. Sometimes people will say to me, “You must have it so easy because you can talk to your animals all the time!” Well, not true – because you know what, I’m still human, I have body languages that I’m not always aware of, I have emotions that spike when I least expect it, I have my own set of experiences and traumas and beliefs that surround who I am and that affect my relationship with my animals just as you do.

The more I learn about the behavior of animals through reading books on neuroscience, and I better understand how (we believe) their minds to work, it offers me more insight into why I get the information I get and also reminds me that sometimes from a training and interaction perspective that information can be limited.

There are so many factors that tie in to a perceived unwanted behavior. When you come to me asking for the animals perspective, you will get just that, which will allow you to understand how they feel when they are exhibiting a certain behavior but not necessarily how to remedy it and why they’re feeling this way. This is because our animals operate from a different mindset than we do, and while I can offer help based on my experiences and what they’ve shown me… sometimes the best option when you’re having an issue with your animal is to consider (be open minded to) a different training approach with someone who aligns with you, a healing, a daily mindfulness practice, bodywork for yourself or them, and working with other professionals who can help piece together the picture.

Your animals can tell you how they feel all day long, but if the environment around them doesn’t change, they can only express to me how they feel with what they know about their current experience. Their knowledge is limited. All the conversation in the world can’t remedy misaligned training practices and management, personal belief system limitations, continuous pain or equipment issues, etc… Sometimes we need someone different with their unique experiences looking at our situation from the outside in the current moment to offer new perspective.


Time, my friends.

As humans we operate in such a time space reality. We feel we won’t have enough time, we need to be useful with our time, our time is valuable, etc etc.

If we can just remember that our animals are not on our time, and that with time and patience many things can be resolved, and our animals would be able to relax into our experience with us. This is the biggest lesson I’ve learned through my own animals.

  • Time to think

  • Time to heal

  • Time to learn

  • Time to offer new experiences

  • Time to spend with them understanding the behaviors and emotions that are right in front of us.

  • Time to make changes, and to allow the nervous system to follow suit.

  • Time to grow as a human, in physical strength, in knowledge, in emotional capacity.

  • Time for them to grow in the same ways.

With love,

Your pet’s favorite life coach <3

Remember, you have the power within you to connect with them on a deeper level. There is value in using an animal communicator, but there is also value in trusting your inner guidance system. If you want to learn to communicate, try the class, you might surprise yourself!


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