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All is well

A topic that keeps coming up in my experience with others is a question around how to help your horse when their body is in dysfunction/sick, and how to be a better leader and provider for your horse during that time.

In my experience, horses don’t view leadership the way humans do. To a horse, a leader is safe and compassionate. As a flight animal, safety is at the top of their list.

I believe that before you experience compassion, and before you can truly feel safe within yourself, you must be willing to experience vulnerability and that’s where the disconnect is (I know it is for me, anyway). It’s difficult to be vulnerable, and a lot of conversations I have with horses are around this topic… humans asking their horses to be vulnerable when they are not willing to let their walls down themselves. If you want to be a supportive leader for your horse the best thing you can do is learn to be vulnerable, to be present in your body, and to create a truly safe space for them to follow you into. You must be able to come to them with an understanding that “All is Well.”

All is well… because this is what they believe. This is what they know. Regardless of the diagnosis.

Where it gets tricky is when we worry. Worry introduces resistance into the experience, and often times they have no choice but to be surrounded by that energy. I’m sure you’ve heard stories of people getting a diagnosis, becoming consumed by it, and going downhill shortly after. In my experience, that’s because thoughts become things, and the world around you will match the vibrational frequency you’re putting out.

A lot of times we block our own intuition, and feel, and receptivity with our animals by believing that we are only on the outside looking in. By focusing on their external bodies, or diagnosis, or issues, rather than the essence of who they are, (and who we are together) we block what they’re telling us.


It’s okay to learn, to help, and to see the problem, but don’t get so wrapped up in the problem that you become the problem.


All is Well. ❤️


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