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At The Very Least, I Hear You

I used to feel like I was like a pitcher in a baseball game. Win or lose. Perform, and if you don’t everyone will notice. It will all come crashing down if you don’t have the right words, or the ‘correct’ information. You don’t have to prove yourself… but really… you do. People come to you waiting for you to mess up and being amazed when you don’t. Not all of them, but most. Even if they don’t mean to.

The belief system I had caused me to have some pretty flexible and nonexistent boundaries. It left me feeling like what I was doing was never enough. It left me looking for validation in other humans rather than in my intuition and the animals who I am actually here for. It left me delivering more messages that people wanted to hear, and piecing in the information that was really important. Maybe if I tell them (X) they’ll believe me when I say (Y).

When I say that I am no longer defending my ability to communicate, what I really mean is that I no longer will accept the invalidation of animals’ feelings passed off as information not resonating. I have no reason to make the information up. Sure at times I could be wrong, but at the heart of every session, the core message is always true.

When information doesn’t resonate it’s usually met with the mindset of, ‘I don’t understand how they can feel this way if I provide them with the best life possible via XYZ. They’re performing just fine, I don’t see how they could feel X.

To this I want to ask these questions – Best life according to who? Right decisions in your eyes or theirs? Are we listening to what they are saying they need, or only to what we believe they need?

If the information doesn’t resonate I request that you just humor me for a second and say, what if it did… why would this information be coming up, what would I do about it, and if it’s coming up, what can I do to remedy the situation. Maybe this is something that my animal is experiencing that I wasn’t aware of. After all, I am not them, and they have their own mind, body, and soul with nervous systems and emotions just like ours.

We are not allowed to decide what is important to our animals and what isn’t. We decide everything else it seems. So lets allow them at the very least the rights to their own feelings and physical expression and thoughts, even if it doesn’t make sense to us we say, “I hear you.”

I say all this mostly to just spill my thoughts about where I stand with my animal friends as of late, and for the white horse who is still on my mind. In reality, I have some compassionate and aligned clients, who receive the messages humbly and gratefully, and with an open mind… for that I am grateful.


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