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Am I The Right Communicator For YOU?

I had a conversation with a colleague the other day who encouraged me to think about the type of client who would be best benefited by my services.

I loved this thought so much that I made immediate changes to my scheduling system, and I did some internal digging about who I am as a person and what I have to offer.


Open mindedness is key to having a quality session with me. Questioning the information or process is welcomed if it comes from a place of curiosity and a desire to understand, and not a place of judgement and skepticism. I will no longer defend my ability to connect with animals and pure skepticism/disbelief blocks (your) the clients ability to receive information.

A hunger for knowledge is important when working with me. I love learning, and sharing that knowledge with others but I can only explain so much in a session. It is (your) the clients responsibility to learn as much as possible so informed decisions can be made based on what the animals communicate. There are some amazing resources available to us, and our animals deserve it!

A client who works with me should understand that I am a communicator… a messenger… not an animal ‘controller.’ I cannot deliberately change thoughts, behaviors, or emotions that an animal is exhibiting. A client should also know that I stand behind the belief that every experience that comes into our lives is a direct result of the energy and thought frequencies that we’ve put into the world. A client who works best with me will take responsibility for their life-experience, knowing that it is your responsibility to acknowledge, validate, and honor what your animal communicates to you during a session.

The client that I am not suitable for is: One who is looking for general answers about happiness, preferences, and interests. In other words recreational communication without a goal for the session in mind. There is nothing wrong with this, it is just not my focus, and there are many other communicators who will be happy to facilitate a connection like this. I do not work with those looking for lost animals, and I do not work with animals post ownership. Meaning, I will not check in on an animal you’ve sold to someone else.

A client who works best with me will understand that I am human, offering a self-taught intuition based service that while specific and typically accurate, is open to interpretation. I deliver the messages and interpret them to the best of my ability, but some of the information is up to (you) the client to interpret. Not everything should be taken literally, some information might not resonate all at once, and like any other service – it is not a one size fits all.

PS: I am also grateful that my clients have a great sense of humor, flexible availability and an understanding of delayed response times, and some pretty bad ass animals.


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