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The Awakening

There’s a post circulating around and bringing up quite a discussion about ECVM/cervical abnormalities. What I will say that I am learning from talking directly to the horse consciousness is horses with ECVM or abnormalities in the neck are part of what the horses are calling “the great awakening” – a move away from entitlement.

Humans have felt entitled to horses for hundreds of years. There is no need for that anymore.

First horses tried to make that shift through coming to earth with digestive systems that could kill them in an instant, humans found their way around that. Next came laminitis, but humans found their way around that. Kissing spines? Humans found a way to cut their way through the spine and persevere in their quest for what they want.

So, the horses said, if we come with missing pieces destabilizing the most mobile part of the body, maybe now they will listen…. And many are.

We are not entitled to the body or emotions of another. Learn this and you’ll be part of the shift back to the wholeness of who they came to be.


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