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Do Animals Get Injured on Purpose

Someone recently asked me if animals deliberately get injured or sick to teach us a bigger lesson.

I’m going to do my best to answer this based on my personal experience with animals and what I know to be true about the universal laws.

I actually have a great example of this via my horse, Biggie, who has been recently injured.

Biggie really wants to connect and interact with me, he’s the first to the gate, he is consistently running to me, yet he is not always my first choice. In fact, often times I don’t choose him at all.

By knowing what he doesn’t want (being left out) he has a clear understanding of what he DOES want (attention) and he deeply feels an emotion regarding his desire. This emotion holds a vibrational frequency. A literal measurable frequency. And as he holds this desire in his experience, the momentum builds, and that which is like unto itself is drawn. Meaning the universe matches the energy being putting out. Always. Especially quickly with animals because they’re not bogged down with thoughts and resistance.

So while animals do not go out and deliberately say “I’m going to get kicked today for X reason,” they might hold strong emotions relating to their desires which sets forth the momentum for experiences to manifest in alignment with those desires…. Which sometimes the path of least resistance might just be through injury or illness. And we might learn a lesson or two along the way

In my case… Biggie wanting attention, and holding that desire long enough that a physical manifestation occurred (kick to the knee) to align with that thought frequency. Biggie is first every day now, as I cold hose and wrap his injury. We’ve actually really been enjoying each others company. ❤️


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