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The Diary of a Mare

I knew something wasn’t right when my body did not take to pregnancy for the first time like it had so many times before. My humans continued trying, ignoring the fact that my body was giving clear signs that something wasn’t right. My body rejecting something that is natural to me and something that has been a positive experience many times before. But I had no choice. They didn’t ask me and so they tried again and my body accepted but with an energy that I had never felt before. It felt sad, it felt wrong. Three months later I lost her. No one asked me how it affected me. No one asked me how I felt, or if I needed time off, the only acknowledgment that I got was moving to a new home where I could be used for my body as a performance horse instead of a mother.

I love being a mother. So that sadness stays within me locking up my lower spine, making it hard for me to connect, and inflaming the tissues of my pelvis. I’m a good girl and I love my new humans and they reached out to you (Shayleigh) with an open mind, and my best interest at heart, and knowing that will help me heal. It doesn’t take away the pain or the memories but I now feel acknowledged, and that feels good.

This is the story of a mare, and I wish her story wasn’t so common.

I have women in my life who have experienced miscarriages and infertility. The disappointment and grief those women feel tears down the happiness around them changes who they are… at least for a while. Why do we not see that our mares experience this very same grief?

When mares are bred feeling the energy of ‘previous performance horse who is now broken or couldn’t perform’ do we not realize they carry that energy, and they transfer it to their foal? If you think that they can’t feel that you’re wrong. At least in my experience as an animal communicator. Do we not realize that breeding them with broken bodies is not an ‘easier’ job?

And then to think about women who have debilitating menstrual pain, taking medication just to make it through the day… And yet we do not afford that same grace to our mares. They are told that they are ‘hussies’ or inappropriate for doing things that are natural during their heat cycle, mocked instead of empathized with and the funny thing is… most of this is by WOMEN… women, who should have empathy for the very experiences they are so familiar with. Sure we might acknowledge that they have a heavy heat cycle and put them on a drug to control it or and herb to ease the pain, but are they actually being heard and offered grace… as individuals, as females?

When did we stop being amazed at the body for having the ability to create life? When did we stop seeing the beauty in the feminine power mares bring to this world? Probably when money got involved… but that’s an entire new post.

This one is for the mares I talk to with loving humans who want to hear them, but need that extra reminder. I see you. I hear you. I love you, you beautiful magnificent creator of life.

Join Amber and I Saturday as we talk more about the reality mares face in our Podcast, Tea Time With Shayleigh & Amber


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