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A Conversation with My Knees

A conversation with my knees.

Yep, you read that right.

I believe that our animals mirror certain aspects of us, they can also absorb our energies, or teach us through their bodies. I also believe that every manifestation in our lives is a result of what we’ve vibrationally put into the universe.

Knee issues are prevalent in my life.

Growing up my dad said the family was cursed with bad knee genes. He has had two knee replacements, one a result of doing a vault off of a horse, by the way. My 2 year old Boston Terrier has had knee issues since the day she was born. Two of my horses have stifle issues, my third horse with an old knee injury. My own left knee is a constant struggle to keep ‘sound,’ and just last year my sister had a life changing knee injury…

So it’s safe to say, knee energy is prevalent in my life, and there’s a lesson to be learned here.

The other day, my friend Amber said, “Why don’t you just talk to them?”

…. Talk… to my knees?

“Yeah, it’s totally a thing. You can go into your body, and find out the lessons and limiting beliefs you have around a body part.”

I can still hear her peppy nonchalant Amber voice encouraging me to do it.


So I did, and I’m sharing the messages with you, because… why not?

Of course I go into my body ready with questions, and my knee abruptly shut me up and told me to listen before I speak (common lesson theme again in my life).

My knee asked, “What do knees do?”

Well, they support the weight of the body, they allow movement and change, they are flexible with a big range of motion but really only in one direction, they join body parts together, and they absorb shock.

Knee: “Yes, so would it be safe to say they are encouraging you to allow change? To be flexible but with boundaries? Maybe to say that everything is connected. That you should feel supported. Would it be safe to say there is a lesson in “bouncing back” from contrast, while ever allowing for change and movement. Perhaps, thinking BIG picture, while only moving in one direction… forward.”

Me: Literally speechless.

Knee to me once more: “Would it be safe to say that the knee feels pain when you are resisting change, when you are fighting against its natural range of motion, or when you are not allowing yourself to feel supported? Are you looking too much into the past? Remember, the knee will follow the foot if it takes a backward step, but it will not go there first.

Well… now we know. Knees have a lot of wisdom.


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