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Animal Communication


This self-paced course offers 40 lessons/steps, 4 animals to practice with, and an awesome personalized ‘recipe’ for communication to plant the seed for you to harness your gifts! Option to join a private Facebook group and book a 1:1 mentoring session with Shayleigh upon course completion. This course covers everything from meditation practices and self-care, protection, spirit guides, our energy centers and how they relate to animals, intention, and ethics of communication, to boundaries, the actual connection process, steps for success, how to create your own personal recipe for communication and more!! This course is a great place to start your journey, and can also be a new perspective for those already partaking in an animal communication profession! Perfect for you if you: > Want to connect privately, in your own time > If you are looking for guidance on your communication journey and would like to be able to return to the information at any time > Want lifetime access to the course and course updates > Want to participate in guided connection practices


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