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Your Responsibility to Yourself

Creating better feeling relationships has to start with you. Whether you’re manifesting a personal relationship, a friendship or an animal partnership it starts with your internal dialogue. When you give your power away by holding others accountable for how you feel, you only keep yourself from achieving the better feeling thoughts and experiences you’re wanting.

  • How often do we keep holding onto unfulfilling relationships for the sake of what’s comfortable?

  • If language is one of the best gifts we have, why do we use it in ways that won’t serve our highest and best?

  • If forgiveness is one of the most healing experiences why don’t people utilize it?

  • Sometimes relationships are formed over study groups, or online experiences, or right place right time situations. Sometimes relationships are formed through trauma whether that be mutually experiencing trauma together or finding someone to help you through after trauma.

Relationships with our animals can be formed similarly. Sometimes we invite in an animal after another has transitioned or a trauma has occurred. Sometimes they come to us by way of gift or they find us organically.

Abraham-Hicks says, “Your vibration (on every subject) is right where you last left it.”

When I think about this as it’s relevant to my current life experience, I am thinking about my relationships –

What story am I telling about each relationship with my friends, family members, animals…

  • Where is that story rooted? Is it rooted in love or trauma? >What was the foundation of this relationship?

  • Am I still telling an old story, or have I formed a new one that (we) can grow into together?

  • Is this relationship serving my highest and best good? If not is it time to make a shift or part ways?

Everyone, animals and humans alike, come into our life experience as a result of the vibrational request we are putting out there.

What frequency are you tuned to?

Love or lack? Fear or safety? None are ‘wrong’ just indicators of the energy you are calling in, and might have been calling in for quite some time.

Often times I talk with animals and their humans feel very aligned with what the animal says about themselves, but sometimes the animal will speak their truth and the human will disagree – the animal sees themselves one way, and the human chooses to see another. Neither willing to compromise on their beliefs. When this happens they’ve usually come to me due to a disruption in their relationship.

There’s a teaching moment there, and a choice to be made, because as individuals, we get to choose what our truth is, regardless of how others see us. And if you stand in that truth, those aligned with it will come, and those that aren’t will leave. (And this is precisely why I don’t believe in ‘lost’ animals – for more on that check out episode 49 of our podcast, “Cats and Chats”).

That's all for now.


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